pdf a stress analysis and design improvement of a car

Advances in Mechanical Engineering 2017, Vol. 9(3) 111

Oct 23, 2016 · Study on the design method of equal strength rim based on stress and fatigue analysis using finite element method Lei Chen1,2,3, Shunping Li2, Huiqin Chen3, David M Saylor2 and Shuiguang Tong1 Abstract Wheels are important safety components in the vehicle driving system. Automobile lightweight is the direction of the modern automobile development.


Only the full ship 3D FEM analysis (Fig. 1a-d) is considered sufficient (ISSC, 1997) for the correct as-sessment of the global structural response of those ships i.e.:(a) global deformations, (b) effectiveness of upper decks and distribution of long. stresses, (c) transfer of forces between hull and superstructure, (d) shear stress DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF SCISSOR JACKData analysis of scissor jack static loading conditions subjected to point load on upper cap of 2033 kgs is shown in Tables 1 and 2. CONCLUSION The paper will include a scissor jack of automobile L.M.V. vehicle and other same type of variants. This proposed design of scissor jack after its stress analysis


Design and Analysis of Two Wheeler Alloy Wheel Rim Using Composite Materials. International Journal of Innovative Research in Science,Engineering and Technology, (5)5. [3] Tejas Mulay, Harish Sonawane, Prof. P. Baskar. Design And Analysis Of Two Wheeler Front Wheel Under Critical Load Conditions. International Journal of Application or Innovation DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF A PROTOTYPE sis, the results present a maximum stress value of 63,89 MPa and deformations up to 1,62 mm. For the 2016 chassis, the maximum stress value is at 56,63 MPa and the maximum de-formation value is at 2,8 mm. Figure 7 Linear Static Analysis results for the 2014 chassis. Figure 8 Linear Static Analysis results for the 2015 chassis.


length to the chain sprocket. They show the deflection and stress analysis of an entry level design. The figure 2.1 shows the pictorial representation of higher end bicycle crank. Design change was to select another material to decrease the weight of the crank and spider assembly.They choosed a Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP). DESIGN AND OPTIMIZATION OF SCISSOR JACKFailure Analysis and Need Scissor or Toggle Jack A toggle or Scissor jack is a device which lifts heavy equipment. The most common form is a car jack, floor jack or garage jack which lifts vehicles so that maintenance can be performed. Car jacks usually use toggle advantage to allow a human to lift a vehicle by manual force alone.

Design and analysis of Composite Drive Shaft for Rear

the maximum shear theory, maximum shear stress occurs at the outer surface. This maximum shear stress is defined as with respect to yield stress and factor of safety, and given by equation (2) above, thus the yield stress for each test specimen become 74.07MPa for specimen I and II, and for test specimen III it is about 91.47MPa. Design, Analysis and Testing of a Formula SAE Car ChassisDesign, Analysis and Testing of a Formula SAE Car Chassis William B. Riley and Albert R. George Cornell University Reprinted From:Proceedings of the 2002 SAE Motorsports Engineering Conference and Exhibition (P-382) Motorsports Engineering Conference &

Designing and Optimization of Wheel Assembly of a

regions of stress concentration. The Wheel Assembly designed in the paper is of Team Veloce, VIT, Pune. The design procedure follows all the rules laid down by FSAE Rule Book for Formula Type Cars. Keywords:Yield Strength, Factor of safety, Load transfer, stress concentration, mesh, element size, analysis. 1. Introduction Dynamic Analysis and Design Modification of a Ladder Modal Analysis:Modal analysis is used to determine the mode shapes and natural frequencies of a machine or a structure. It is the most basic form of dynamic analysis .The output of modal analysis can further be used to carry out a more detailed dynamic analysis like harmonic response analysis, transient analysis

Final Project_ Design and FEM Analysis of Scissor Jack

Mar 11, 2015 · Final Project_ Design and FEM Analysis of Scissor Jack Scissor Jack A scissor jack is operated by turning a lead screw. It is commonly used as car-jacks. In the case of a scissor jack, a small force applied in the horizontal plane is used to raise or lower large load. 4 1.1 Force and Stress Analysis The force analysis is based on the MODELLING AND ANALYSIS OF A MOTORCYCLE WHEEL and thus it is necessary to determine the critical stress point and shear stress. For modal analysis, the model has to be built, loads are applied and solutions are obtained. Motorcycle model is Bajaj pulsar 150 cc. Keywords:Motorcycle alloy wheel, Static-structural analysis, Frequency analysis, Model

Mechanical CAE in Automotive Design

an analysis that handles rigidity and elasticity well, the analysis of strength and durability performance requires that the discontinuity of localized rigidity be canceled out. Helping this along is the fact that CAE as an evaluation procedure to replace simple tests, such as stress-strain tests, has become increasingly common since its Methods to Determine Torsion Stiffness in an presented methodology can be utilized in various aspects of vehicle structural design. Keywords:finite element analysis, automotive, structure. DOI:10.3722/cadaps.2011.PACE.67-75 1 INTRODUCTION Torsion stiffness is an important characteristic in chassis design with an impact on the ride and comfort as well as the performance of the vehicle [5


The Front Impact Analysis is done in order to find out the amount of stress generated in the roll cage if the car hits a solid body from the front. The dynamic crash analysis has been performed in HyperWorks 13.0 using RADIOSS Block 120 solver. Impact analysis is used to verify the safety of the driver. Boundary Conditions 1. STUDY, ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF AUTOMOBILE STUDY, ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF AUTOMOBILE RADIATOR (HEAT EXCHANGER) PROPOSED WITH CAD DRAWINGS AND GEOMETRICAL MODEL OF THE FAN CHAVAN D. K1 & TASGAONKAR G. S2 1Ph.D Scholar, JJTU Rajasthan, Professor Mechanical Engineering MMCOE, Pune, Maharashtra, India 2Professor Navasahyadri Group of Institutions Pune, Maharashtra, India ABSTRACT

Snap-Fit Book Final 11-05

design has a constant cross section. The non-uniform distribution of lines (fringes) indicates a very uneven strain in the outer fibers. This design uses 17% more material and exhibits 46% higher strain than the opti-mal design. Bottom:The thickness of the optimal snap-fit arm decreases linearly to 30% of the orig-inal cross-sectional area. Stress Analysis Of Bolted Joint - IJERTdesign to withstand tensile forces. While a bolted joint in a bolt takes significant amount of tensile and shear loading, proper analysis or calculation must be done to withstand combined stress. Various analysis programe have studied it. [1] It is also important that in a structural joint,

Structural Analysis of Automotive Chassis Frame and

[1] Stress analysis of a truck chassis with riveted joints by Cicek Karaoglu*, N. Sefa Kuralay, Department of Mechanical Engineering, DEU Faculty of Engineering, 35100 Bornova, Izmir, Turkey ,Finite Elements in Analysis and Design 38 (2002) 11151130 [2] The effect of connection plat thickness on stress VLVRIDXWRPRELOH improvement and development of automotive wheels. B Anusha et al [3], introduced the results of the four-wheel strength analysis using four different wheel shapes, including straight, sloping, y-shaped and honeycombed shapes. The analysis variables include different materials and different models of

Vehicle Chassis Analysis:Load Cases & Boundary

The current work contains the load cases & boundary conditions for the stress analysis of chassis using finite element analysis over ANSYS. Finite element model of the vehicle need to design a moderate car, the structural engineer will need to use imaginative concepts. The demands on the automobile designer increased and changedSTRESS ANALYSIS OF SEAT BACKREST OF CARSTRESS ANALYSIS OF SEAT BACKREST OF CAR Mohan D Karambe 1*, A V Karmankar1 and Y L Yenarkar *Corresponding Author:Mohan D Karambe, [email protected] This project deals with the analysis of seat backrest of car. Computer aided design and finite element analysis are essential in order to predict accurately for the safety performance of

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